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                Research center

                National Joint Engineering Research Center


                Backlight module ultra-thin light guide plate (film)

                The hot embossing process replicates the microstructures of the precision molds onto the surface of the smooth plastic sheet or film, and the micro......


                Large size transparent conductive film (module)

                The new transparent conductive film manufacturing technology based on flexible nano-imprint technology uses a micro-metal-mesh (M3) process to subvert......


                Innovation, capital, industry government aided private research institute

                SVG Optronics,Co. ,Ltd



                68 Xinchang Road, Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation District,Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou,China
                TEL:+86-512-6286 8882
                FAX:+86-512-6260 0602

                Latest Announcement


                Micro 3D printer from SVG Group Co., Ltd.

                With long-term technical accumulation in large scale direct laser writing system, big data processing, and development of R2R nano-imprinting technology, SVG R&D team integrate the optical system in the micro lithography technology to the 3D printing technology. As a result, the lateral printing precision of 3D printing system is improved by an order of magnitude.

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                SVG Optronics Co., Ltd won the title of "national intellectual property advantage enterprise of 2018"

                Recently, the state intellectual property office released 2018 annual national list of corporate intellectual property advantage SVG Optronics Co., Ltd was selected among them, and in countries in the region advantage index system of enterprise knowledge score 90 points.

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                Changzhou Hua R Sheng won the bid of jinan security service center preprinted reflective film project

                On July 24, 2018, changzhou Hua R Sheng reflective materials co., LTD., a subsidiary of SVG group, won the bid of 17.4 million yuan in the open bidding of the pre-printed reflective film project of jinan security service center.

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                The First Jiangsu patent inventor award

                Patent no: ZL 2013 1 0166341.1 Since the establishment, SVG has always put R & D innovation in an important position,

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